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DunhamLawReview.com is published quarterly and is provided as a complimentary educational service to corporations from around the world doing business in Florida.

DunhamLawReview.com provides authoritative guidance to corporate counsel and corporate executives on insights and developments in Florida law so that they can make informed business and legal decisions. DunhamLawReview.com also provides litigation intelligence that will prove invaluable in avoiding potential liabilities through preventive measures or maximizing a corporation's chances for a favorable outcome when litigation arises. DunhamLawReview.com addresses considerations and legal intricacies on Florida's hottest topics affecting businesses. DunhamLawReview.com analyzes pertinent federal and state law and regulations.

Previous issues of the DunhamLawReview.com are posted on this web site in the articles section. To subscribe to future issues, simply e-mail me at jrd@jrdlaw.com or contact me at 941.951.1800 or toll-free at 877.951.1800. This complimentary publication will be sent to you each calendar quarter via e-mail.


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John Dunham practices in the areas of corporate, financial, real estate, and related litigation.

John Dunham serves as legal counsel to businesses in Southwest Florida, including Tampa, St. Pete, Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Clearwater and the surrounding areas.

John Dunham launches new web site with the help of PaperStreet Web Design.

John Dunham represents boards of directors, chairmen, presidents, chief executive officers, corporate executives and corporate counsels of local, national and international public and private corporations and financial institutions doing business in Florida.